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My Blimp and being a CHEAPO!

I love my daughter, I love her more than the air I breathe. I have even held my breath at times when I wanted her to breathe my precious air. I would die for her IN A HEARTS BEAT! But shes a CHUNK-A-MUNK!

At her four month doctors appointment she weighed in at 17lbs 5.6oz and was 25'' tall. She is thriving like you wouldn't believe but shes a beautiful bundle of love.

Because I am not working at the moment I am considered Low-Income. I love being called low-income when we really arent because Then what Joe and I pay to the government, we get back and something then some. I am on a government funded program for Women and Infants called WIC. Its amazing, before being on it I would have to pay for ALL of Isabels formula, about 10cans or a little less at about $20 a can!! Now we get WIC and they give us 9 cans a month! Thats almost $200 a month I am saving just on formula ALONE. I also get cereal, cheese, about 6 gallons of milk a month, eggs, juices, baby cereals. Literally I would say I save around $ 350 a month!! I just applied for financial aid for college so that should be around $2,000 or so a semester which I DONT have to pay back and because MY dad is a disabled military veteran I will be getting anywheres from $429-800 a month check from the government for 45months! this pays for all my schooling. I am looking at making about $1200 a month just by being low income and being a student plus the $2000 or so I will get from financial aid every 3-4months!